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Powerful Collaboration

Revolutionize Collaboration with Archezy

Experience the power of seamless collaboration with clients and contractors with Archezy.
Archezy bridges the gap between your team, clients and contractors ensuring real-time interactions that promote transparency and alignment throughout the project. Visualize and share designs, quotations, and progress updates with ease, ensuring everyone is on the same creative wavelength. Rapidly gather feedback, enabling swift adjustments to meet client and contractor expectations effectively.

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Task Management

Gantt Chart

Time logs

Approval Accountability

Quotation Comparison

File Sharing


Data Review


Consolidate Report

Site Visit Report

Site Photos Report

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Empower your robust team with efficient instruments
Crafted by an architect, exclusively for architects, interior designers, and urban planners! A streamlined approach to oversee your firm’s project and data management needs. Covering project planning, team coordination, time management, and financial reports.