Problems Faced

In An Office

  • Difficulties in storing, managing, and sharing details of Clients, Contacts, Projects, ACVC & Employees
  • Poor efficiency in managing multiple master categories of Tasks, Drawings, References, Materials etc.
  • Higher costs due to subscription of Multiple management software
  • Increase in cloud storage costs for multiple data storage for Difficulty in maintaining security to prevent data theft.

Around Tasks

  • Problems in managing the scope, status, tasks and deadlines assigned to employees.
  • Difficulty in managing real-time tasks of multiple employees.
  • Increase in project timelines due to imbalance workload assigned to employees.
  • Issues in reassignment of tasks in case of a change in personnel or employee.

Faced On Site

  • Time-consuming to review multiple GFC drawings located in different formats whether physical or digital.
  • Issues in reviewing past details of projects in one file
  • Difficulty in maintaining work quality with GFC drawings.
  • Multiple times drawing handover to ACVC.
  • Issues related to keeping drawing-specific records of communication with ACVC.

Related To Data

  • Difficulty in organizing your data in a variety of ways and from a variety of locations.
  • Issues in client communication for approval of drawing and data.
  • Confusion in managing the data from multiple process sketches, hundreds of references, 3D site project photos, and portfolios.
  • Time-consuming to share and find data via email and WhatsApp.
  • Tedious to managing the portfolio, reference, material & drawing library.