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Data and Project Management in AEC

Importance of Data & Project Management in AEC Industry.

The AEC industry has evolved, and the incorporation of data and project management practices has become indispensable. From streamlining communication to embracing sustainability, these practices contribute significantly to the success of architectural and interior designs projects. As technology advances further, architects, Interior Designers and other AEC Professionals must embrace data-driven decision-making and adopt robust project management systems to stay competitive and deliver exceptional results in the ever-changing landscape of AEC Industry.

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In An Office

Difficulties in storing, managing, and sharing details of Clients, Contacts, Projects, ACVC & Employees
Around Tasks

Around Tasks

Problems in managing the scope, status, tasks and deadlines assigned to employees.
Faced on Site

Faced on Site

Time-consuming to review multiple GFC drawings located in different formats whether physical or digital.
Related to Data

Related to Data

Difficulty in organizing your data in a variety of ways and from a variety of locations.

Enable your strong team with effective tools

Created by an architect, for architects, interior designers and urban planners! One straightforward technique for monitoring your company’s
project and data management. Project planning, team operations, time management, billing, and payments.

Task Management  

Delegate, Prioritize & Balance

Assign project specific tasks to individual team members and obtain a timeline of Prioritized and Allocated Tasks. Additionally, record the time for tasks either manually or using a timer, Send Alerts, Notifications, and Reminders to keep your team on track.

  Project Data

Upload, Organize & Review

Easily review all your projects data Drawings, Quotations, Minutes of Meeting and References, with lighting speed and collaborate effectively with Clients, Agencies and Contractors. Upload data using a predefined form and rest assured that it will be securely stored in AWS Web Cloud Server.


Store, Share & Navigate

Manage and Store Employees, Clients, Contractors, and Project contact & Postal Details. Seamlessly share these details through WhatsApp or E-Mail. Easily Navigate using predefined information on Google Maps for quick and efficient access.


Select, Shortlist & Finalize

Upload, Customize and Manage References, Drawings and Categories in your Material Library tailored specifically to your Organization’s needs. Additionally, your Clients can easily shortlist and finalize References and Materials relevant to their project.


Link & Connect

Archezy generates a unique code for Clients, Contractors & Agencies, allowing for seamless collaboration between you and your client to expedite the approval process of Drawings, Quotations, Materials, References and more. Additionally, you can easily keep a track of work progress on site.

  Storage Drive

Drag, Drop & Manage

Set up a dedicated cloud storage for each project, where you can conveniently organize and store process drawings, Released Drawings, References, 3Ds Models, Quotations, and Site Photos in their respective individual Cloud Storage.


Maintain & Execute

Effectively manage turnkey project costs by maintaining approved quotations, bill amounts, payments. Additionally, you can overview your organization P&L by maintaining Revenue, Expenses, Salaries and Claim Allowances.


Generate, Analyze & Decide

Move towards analytics-driven informed decision-making for Employee Performance Reports, Storage Management, and Statistics. Manage your team by utilizing Real-Time workload reports, Pie Charts, and Graphs generated to evaluate and manage the workload.
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